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Our names are Amy (left picture) and Tabitha (right picture).  We are twin sister dietitians passionate about delicious food that nourishes our body and soul!   We are here to share our love in the form of delicious, easy, “speed scratch” cooking which means using simple ingredients to make fast meals!   Often we go on food jags when we discover a new ingredient in a new way or a particular tasty recipe.

Being dietitians….does that mean we never eat cake or french fries?  Of course not!  In fact we feel that all foods can be encorporated into a healthy diet, but the key is moderation.  We choose to build out meals out of wholesome foods found within Canada’s Food Guide but there is always a little room for a special treat here and there.  We feel that anything homemade is more nutritious than store bought!

We both don’t define ourselves as “vegetarians” but rather “flexitarian”!  We choose to eat like vegetarians most of the time (including milk and eggs) but do sometimes eat meat.  Diets high in animal products tend to be higher in saturated fat, lower in fiber and other essential nutrients and quite importantly – very harmful on the environment.  The men in our lives are not vegetarian and do like to have meat from time to time, therefore you will see some recipes on here with meat as an ingredient.  Rather than being overly restrictive with our food we believe in balance as with everything in life 🙂

Currently Tabitha lives in the Arctic (North West Territories) and is travelling the challenging path of trying to cook affordable and healthy foods in an environment of limited and expensive food ingredients!

Amy lives in Northern BC has a husband diagnosed with celiac disease. Embracing the challenge of finding healthy and naturally gluten free foods has been a exciting adventure!

You are what you eat!  Eat healthy wholesome food to nourish yourself body and soul!


Amy and Tabitha



7 thoughts on “About us

  1. Love the blog ladies! Super cute photo! Thanks for sending along the link for the kale, Amy! I will try it as soon as i pick up my next bunch… I did plant kale seeds on the weekend, but I cant wait till they’re ready to try such a tasty looking recipe 🙂

  2. Hi there Amy and Tabitha!

    My name is Siyan, and I’m with CanPrev. We’re a Canadian health food company based out of Toronto. We’re currently launching a new vegan nutritional shake called CanPrev Core and reading your blog thought it might be a good fit for your readers. Would you be interested in trying a sample?

    Let me know if you’re interested. I’d love to be able to work with you. 🙂

    Siyan Luo
    Marketing Assistant, CanPrev Premium Natural Health Products
    70 North Wind Place, Toronto, Ontario, M1S 3R5
    P: 905-881-6800; C: 647-858-6619
    e: siyan@canprev.ca ; w: http://www.canprev.ca

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