Book Review: The Complete Leaky Gut Health & Diet Guide


I was fortunately enough to be able to do another book review!  This time the book is about a topic that has interested me quite a bit in the past two years…Leaky Gut Syndrome.

The Complete Leaky Gut Health & Diet Guide: Improve everything from autoimmune conditions to eczema by healing your gut.  

By Dr. Makoto Trotter, BSc (Hons), ND

with Dough Cook, RD, MHSc.

Did you know that an estimated 80% of your immune system is located in your gut?  If your gut is unhealthy, the rest of your body is going to be affected.

I’ve really found reading this book quite stimulating and interesting.  I wish that we had this guide while trying to sort through the healing process for what we suspected was celiac disease related leaky gut for my husband a year ago.  This book confirmed everything that I have read up on leaky gut in the past year.

The main issue with this book comes down to the subject itself.  Leaky gut is a a syndrome not a disease so it cannot be diagnosed only suspected.  Meaning you can’t really know if you HAVE leaky gut and you don’t know if you have improved it other than by monitoring your symptoms.

“A disease can be defined as a health condition with predictable symptoms that can be related to a specific organ or system, whereas a syndrome is a health condition with a variety of symptoms that can be related to several body systems. In a disease, the cause is discernible.  In a syndrome, such as leaky gut syndrome, the cause is a mystery or a puzzle.”


Leaky gut syndrome is, however, is becoming more of a well recognized condition among health care professionals.  Personally journeying though the healing process in our family, I have seen first hand how healing your gut can significantly improve health.

The basis of the treatment plan is all encompassing and focuses on a whole body approach. No part of this treatment plan would be harmful to undertake in attempting to improve your health.  Eliminate processed foods?  Focus on managing your stress?  Becoming in tune with your body?  All good things.

This treatment plan outlined in the book recommends aspects of treatment such as:

  • Finding a good health-care professional (very important)
  • Focusing on whole, unprocessed foods that eliminate irritating and inflammatory ingredients
  • HOW to eat
  • Managing stress, exercise and lifestyle management
  • Supplements and complementary therapies

Half of the book includes a comprehensive diet plan and recipes.  Figuring out what food to make is half the battle.  Having a resource guide is extremely useful and important for the maintenance of the plan for potential patients.

I really loved the inter-disciplinary approach to the book.  A naturopathic doctor compiled the information and described the treatment plan where a registered dietitian completed the food section of the book.  That’s what made me so interested in this book.  Consequently all the recipes contain nutritional information, look simple, delicious and use only a few ingredients so they aren’t intimidating.

Overall I feel this is an excellent resource book for those wishing to improve health at the source of the problem, not just treating the symptoms. Taking time to focus on your health can only improve your life.

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