Afternoon Snacks at Work


Did you know that March is Nutrition Month in Canada?  This year – the theme is “Eating 9 to 5” – which addresses eating at the workplace.  Most Canadians admit that eating at work can be a challenge.  Yesterday – to celebrate National Dietitians Day – my colleague and I created a taste test of some healthy snacks for our work mates.  Of course it went over well – who doesn’t like free food?  But the point was to offer some suggestions for alternatives to typical unhealthy snacks.

Here is what we served:

Instead of coffee – Lime and Cucumber infused water

Instead of fat and sugar filled muffins – Pumpkin, Cranberry, Oatmeal cookies

Energy boosting snacks: Greek Salad on a Stick and Fruit and Cheese Kabobs

Fibre boosting snack: Black Bean Salsa


Healthy afternoon snacks
Healthy afternoon snacks

The water is simple to make – simply add slices of lime and cucumber to your water bottle for a fresh twist. Dehydration can cause you to be sluggish in the afternoon and can sometimes be mistaken as hunger.


The kabobs were also very simple.

Greek salad on a stick – we put a cherry tomato, piece of feta cheese, a slice of cucumber and a black pitted olive.  Add a drizzle of Greek salad dressing if you desire.

Fruit and cheese kabobs – we put pineapple, cheddar cheese, raspberry and a red and green grape on a skewer.  The colours looked very appealing!

I will add the recipe for black bean salsa and the cookies in a following post.


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