Try a turnip! They’re terrific!



Have you ever tried a turnip before?  It was a vegetable that I didn’t grow up eating so my eyes always just slid past them in the grocery store.  I try to get different produce from the grocery store every week that I’ve never tried before to make sure I’m not getting into a rut!  This week was turnip week.  I love how they look, smooth, round with a pleasant purple colour.  I’ve eating a lot of rutabaga so this just looked like a young, smaller cousin!

Season is October through the winter but can often be found throughout the year.

Nutritionally?  Well being a vegetable it’s low in calories, full of vitamins, minerals (calcium, phosphorus and magnesium) and fibre!

Flavour?  It has a slightly spicy, tangy flavour which is dependent on how fresh or large it is.  Apparently boiling it with a little sugar can help making it sweeter tasting.

How to use it?  Think of it like a potato and let your imagination guide you!  Looking on Martha Stewart’s website, some ideas include:

– Cube and roast in the oven with some oil and seasoning

– Boil and mash turnip, season with a little butter and nutmeg

– Mash along with potatoes for a shepherd’s pie topping

– Bake with a crunchy breadcrumb topping

– Mix turnips with potatoes for hash browns or potato patties

– Slice young small turnips very thinly and serve raw with salads or on vegetable platters

– Add to vegetable soup or stews


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