Katy Perry Pizza



I’m a big Katy Perry fan.  One of the highlights of my summer was being able to see her in concert!  During her show she did a skit about her garden that she has in California and how it can grow all year round.  In her garden she likes to grow kale, sugar snap peas, chives and some other things.  Katy also told us that she is gluten intolerant and proceeded to give away a pizza that magically appeared on stage to a lucky member of the audience (a 12 year old boy)!  So my husband came up with the idea that I should make a Katy Perry pizza with her garden ingredients and a gluten free crust.  I’m not sure if she is lactose intolerant so I left off the cheese 🙂 but that’s optional.


– One ingredient pizza crust (recipe here)

– Pre-steamed kale

– 1/2 cup sugar snap peas, chopped in large pieces

– A few sprigs of fresh chives or green onions, minced

– Cherry tomatoes, halved

– Basil leaves, chopped

– Minced garlic or a sprinkle of garlic powder

– Pizza sauce

– Cheese if desired or a dairy free alternative.  I used my vegan parmesan cheese!


1. Prepare crust as per instructions.

2. While it’s baking prep ingredients.  Cut up the pre-steamed kale, peas, chives and tomatoes, shred cheese if using.

3. Pull out pizza crust when done.  Spread on sauce.  Distribute the vegetables overtop and bake in the oven until crisp, hot and browned!


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