Rice Paper “Perogies”


One of the gaps in gluten-free eating is perogies….especially when both of us come from Ukrainian/Eastern European backgrounds!  Fortunately there are a lot of creative people on the internet and I came across this recipe idea.  It’s simple and easy….and doesn’t involve rolling out dough?!  I’m game!  They turned out pretty good, a substitute for perogies (although not the dough-y goodness) is better than none at all.  Make sure the filling is very flavourful as the rice papers have no taste.  Serve with sour cream or try my vegan sour cream 🙂

I found this idea on one of the blogs that I follow http://officiallyglutenfree.com/2014/04/30/sausage-and-sauerkraut-spring-rolls/


Rice Paper, hydrated and blotted dry

Filling options:

Mashed potatoes mixed with butter and seasonings/cheese or other flavourings you like!

Sauteed sauerkraut and onion (even adding some italian sausage would be delicious I’m sure)

1 – 2 Tbsp Olive Oil


1. Prepare your desired fillings.  In a large pan, fry the sauerkraut and onion until dry and browned.  Boil and mash potatoes, add flavourings. Allow to cool a little.

2. Pre Heat oven to 425 F.

3. Fill a bowl or baking sheet with water. Let the rice paper soak, a few at a time. Once the rice paper is soft enough, place onto the counter. Put 3 Tbsp (for large rice paper rolls) or 1 Tbsp (for small), of filling onto the center of the rolls. Fold in the sides first, then tightly roll up from the bottom, making a cylinder shape.

4. Place onto a parchment paper lined baking sheet. Brush each one generously with oil. Bake for 35 – 40 minutes, turning a few times throughout.


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