Aqua Fresca de Sandi (Watermelon Juice)


Tabitha: during isolation time in Inuvik, the produce selection gets somewhat limited while we wait for the ferries to start running. As a result I ended up purchasing a watermelon that was too far gone to serve anyone. What does one do with an over-ripe watermelon? Make a refreshing drink if course!

3 cups cubed watermelon
2 cups water plus about 3 more cups of water
~1/4 cup sugar (optional)
Juice from 1 lime
Plenty of ice

1. Blend watermelon and two cups if water in a blender until smooth. Add lime juice, sugar and additional water to taste. Stir well.
2. Pour mixture through strainer or coffee filter to remove pulp (or leave it if you like the texture).
3. Serve with a lime wedge and lots if ice. Refreshing!


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