Heuvos Rancheros (Mexican Breakfast)

Heuvos Rancheros

This is a popular dish at one of our favourite restaurants in Winnipeg AND it is naturally gluten free so my hubby can have it.  We had the opportunity to have this while visiting with a friend for brunch the other weekend.  And MAN is it good.  Good conversations and good friends really make food taste so much better, don’t you agree?  🙂

Heuvos Rancheros is a traditional Mexican breakfast consisting of corn tortillas, eggs and salsa!  So simple but yet it’s a delicious combination.  We actually ate it for dinner though…no rules with food right?  🙂  The key is to leave the egg yolks a little runny so they swirl into the salsa and make a party of flavour on your plate and in your mouth. The restaurant also served it with hash browns but I sauteed up some fresh swiss chard from my container garden!!!  Yay for urban food!



2-4 corn tortillas, toasted/reheated

2-4 eggs, sunny side up



1. Toast corn tortillas in a little bit of olive oil in a skillet until each side is browned and bubbly – keep warm in the oven.

2. Fry eggs on medium heat until white are set and yolk is still runny.

3. Serve tortilla with salsa over top then the egg on top.  Break yolk and mush all together in a slurry of yumminess!

Serve with some nice sauteed greens!


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