Orange Soda


Orange Soda

I had some orange juice leftover from my cranberry loaf.  Usually I don’t buy juice because I don’t really enjoy the taste of it.  I also discourage people from drinking juice because by the time it makes it’s way to your glass there aren’t that many nutrients left in there, there’s no fibre like in actual fruit and it’s really easy to drink to much of it….our brain doesn’t recognize liquid calories either.  Think about it – which would make you more satisfied eating an orange or drinking a glass of juice? And think about how many oranges were used to fill up that glass.  In terms of sugar content it’s the same as pop – so for you parents out there who think it’s a healthier alternative….it all comes down to “less is more”.  Limit 100% juice to 1/2 per day.

Anyway this was a nice a refreshing drink and a “healthier” lower sugar version of orange pop by cutting it with carbonated water.  Tasty!  Only 8 grams of sugar vs. 25 grams in pop or juice and no artificial sweetners.


– 1/3 cup orange juice (100%)

– 1 cup carbonated water

Mix together, add ice if desired!


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