Five Minute Fiesta Bowl


For my sister’s bachlorette party we were renting a cabin.  I didn’t want to spend a lot of time cooking (as I never do) and I had limited cooking equipment.  So I came up with this SUPER quick, tasty, and nutritious, vegetarian meal that went over really well.

The protein source is from beans.  I paired with with a whole wheat tortilla for a complete source of protein.  Salsa adds lots of flavour and the veggies added in boost up the nutritional content.  Throw in a variety of colourful vegetables to make it look pretty!

One of the messages I always share with my clients is to eat a variety of colours daily.  Colourful foods contain something called phytochemicals – which is substances in our foods that have disease fighting properties.  For example many people have heard of antioxidants which protect body cells again damage from oxidation that can cause cancers.  The brighter the colours (like red peppers, orange carrots, dark green spinach, purple beets, etc) the more nutrients and phytochemicals there will be.

Five Minute Fiesta Bowl


1 can of beans (any type – I used black  and kidney beans) – rinsed well

1 cup salsa

Can of corn – rinsed well (or 1 cup frozen)

Dash of cayenne pepper

1 tbsp cumin

Grated cheese

Steamed rice OR warmed corn tortilla

Plain yogurt (or Greek style plain yogurt)


1. Cook rice or warm up corn tortillas.

2. Gently mix beans, corn, salsa, spices in a pot on the stove. Heat mixture until heated through and steaming.

3. Spoon onto warmed corn tortilla or rice.  Top with desired amount of cheese, plain yogurt and vegetables toppings like lettuce or tomato.  Enjoy!!


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