Homemade Sugar Free Soda


As dietitians we encourage drinking enough fluids throughout the day.  This helps with a number of things in your body including aiding in digestion, preventing/treating constipation, help clearing toxins from your body, making you brain sharp, lubricated joints, keeps tissues moist like you mouth, eyes and skin and makes you feel well overall.  The average recommendation for fluid in a day varies depending on your age, weight and activity level but the 8 glasses per day phrase is a good rule of thumb.  Your body gets fluid from the foods we eat like fruit, vegetables, soup, milk, coffee, tea and other beverages.

Dietitian recommend getting fluid from primarily water, some can come from milk and coffee/tea with little added sugar or fat.  Recently we have been on a food jag of drinking carbonated water thanks to my friend Nadia.  Sometimes it nice to have some extra flavour in my water without any added sugars.  I came up with this drink same as the Marvelous Maple Syrup recipe – it’s just a good old Italian soda!  I use the flavoured syrups that I have in my cupboard from making lattes and iced coffee.


1 can carbonated water (low sodium variety or Perrier)

1 ounce sugar free caramel or vanilla syrup



Combine ingredients, mix gently and enjoy!


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