Marvelous Maple Soda

Well I have struck onto a new food jag.  Maple syrup.  Is there anything more heavenly out there?  I have actually never bought it for my kitchen before due to the cost, how good could it be right?  A few weeks ago as at my batchelorette party, my dear friend Carolyn made us pancakes and maple syrup for breakfast…..I should clarify.  It was maple syrup that her family makes in their home close to Ottawa….the real deal.  So. Good.  Well after that I was hooked, the taste and smoothness of it are out of this world.  I finally caved and bought my first bottle of maple syrup.  Humourously enough my husband Trevor who claims he is not a “sweets person” keeps sneeking shots of syrup out of the cupboard when he thinks I am not looking.

So far I used it for a maple frosting for my Dad’s birthday cake, we had it on pancakes this morning, I plan on putting it in a delicious squash casserole (stay tuned…) AND Trevor had the great idea to try making maple italian soda!  The result?  Amazing.

Italian sodas are so easy to make it hurts to pay money for them in a fancy coffee house.  All that is in there is carbonated water and a shot of flavoured syrup.


1/2 ounce of maple syrup

1 cup of carbonated water

Ice cubes


Add syrup to the glass, add ice and water.  Mix gently and enjoy!


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